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BOP Consulting | BOP Consulting | Edmonton, AB
BOP Consulting | Edmonton, AB
Brent Oliver, edmonton, edmonton music, arts consulting, BOP, Alberta
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About Our Company

BOP consulting is one of the leading arts consulting firms in Western Canada. Led by Brent Oliver, BOP Consulting services include talent buying, event coordination, artist management, social media consulting and arts administration and advice.


Our Team Members

Brent Oliver – Director

Brent Oliver is one of the most earnestly dedicated champions and patrons of the Arts in Alberta. For over 25 years Brent has devoted himself to developing and promoting Alberta arts initiatives, events and artists. This life-long calling grew from Brent’s passion for culture. As a young musician looking for opportunities to perform in Edmonton, he took the initiative to organize and promote concerts and encouraged other local acts to get involved. In 1990, he then founded Green Pepper Records, an independent label which produced local compilation albums, giving dozens of artists a platform for their original music to be promoted and broadcast on campus radio.